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Sunday, May 24~25
Clifton Art Guild

Sunday, May 31
Book Signing

Wednesday, June 3
Civil War Forum

Sunday, June 7
Museum Open

Sunday, June 14
T-Trak Model Train Display

Saturday~Sunday, June 20~21
N-Trak Model Train Display

Sunday, June 28
Photography Workshop

Sunday, July 5
Museum Open

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The Station's A/V System

The Friends of Fairfax Station are pleased to offer this amenity to all users at no cost. The main exhibit hall offers a permanently installed Audio Visual (A/V) system. The system features:

  • A high resolution LCD projector
  • Pull down viewing screen
  • A stereo speaker system
  • A simple to use connector panel for renters to plug in their laptop computers
  • Any software application or DVD that you might have on your laptop can displayed as a 50” image, and heard through the stereo speaker system

In addition, renters opting for the A/V package may use the DVD and VHS players in the community room. We provide a 6’ VGA to VGA cable and a 6’ audio cable to connect your laptop to the A/V system.

In addition we have a VGA to Mini DVI adapter for all you Apple laptop users. Detailed operation instructions are located in the accessory bag which contains the LCD projector remote control, and the cables.

Please note: We encourage you to be familiar on how to connect up your laptop to an external video source as we do not have an IT technician at the museum, and our rental coordinators are not familiar with your computer. Typically this information can be found in your user’s manual, which can be a hard copy or these days, more commonly on CD or DVD. In most cases it is a very easy procedure.







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